Yi Zhu

I am a final year PhD student in Computation, Cognition and Language at the University of Cambridge. I am a member of the Language Technology Lab (LTL), working on the LEXICAL project. My supervisor is Professor Anna Korhonen, and I also work closely with my advisors Professor Ehsan Shareghi and Dr. Ivan Vulić. I am interested in the intersections between natural language processing and machine learning.

Before coming to Cambridge, I was a master student at the University of Washington advised by Professor Noah Smith. Prior to that, I received my bachelor degree from Tsinghua University supervised by Professor Yang Liu.


A Closer Look at Few-Shot Crosslingual Transfer: The Choice of Shots Matters.
Mengjie Zhao*, Yi Zhu*, Ehsan Shareghi, Ivan Vulić, Roi Reichart, Anna Korhonen, Hinrich Schütze (*: Equal contribution).
ACL 2021.

Combining Deep GenerativeModels and Multi-lingual Pretraining for Semi-supervised Document Classification.
Yi Zhu, Ehsan Shareghi, Yingzhen Li, Roi Reichart, Anna Korhonen.
EACL 2021.

Generating Semantically Valid Adversarial Questions for TableQA.
Yi Zhu, Yiwei Zhou, Menglin Xia
AAAI 2021 Workshop on Towards Robust, Secure and Efficient Machine Learning.

On the Importance of Subword Information for Morphological Tasks in Truly Low-Resource Languages.
Yi Zhu*, Benjamin Heinzerling*, Ivan Vulić, Michael Strube, Roi Reichart, Anna Korhonen. (*: Equal contribution)
CONLL 2019.

A Systematic Study of Leveraging Subword Information for Learning Word Representations.
Yi Zhu, Ivan Vulić, Anna Korhonen.
NAACL 2019.

Bayesian Learning for Neural Dependency Parsing.
Ehsan Shareghi, Yingzhen Li, Yi Zhu, Roi Reichart and Anna Korhonen.
NAACL 2019.

Parsing Tweets into Universal Dependencies.
Yijia Liu, Yi Zhu, Wanxiang Che, Bing Qin, Nathan Schneder, and Noah A. Smith.
NAACL 2018.


Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics, Language Technology Lab (LTL), University of Cambridge (2017-)
M.Sc. in Computational Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, University of Washington (2016-2017)
B.Eng. in Automation, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University (2011-2015)

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